About TalenCo

About TalenCo

A consulting, coaching and training company founded in 2012

👩‍💼 90 Consultants & Coaches     💼 120 tailor-made missions per year     💻 Over 1.500 virtual classes in 2021

TalenCo, a consulting and training firm in strategy, management and agility

Jean Baptiste Gouin and Cyrille Chaudoit founded TalenCo, a consulting and training company, in 2012. Our initial mission was « Let nobody miss the digital shift ». We now help large companies to accelerate their transformation (new ways of working, leadership, innovation…).

Our « Why »

We empower everyone to build its own desirable future.

Our conviction

It is mandatory to reconcile performance, well being at work and social responsibility.

Our mission

We support organizations, businesses and employees to shift from vision to execution on 3 key issues:

  • Implement their strategy,
  • Impulse new ways of working (collaborative approaches…) and a strong leadership culture,
  • Develop agile and digital skills through training sessions, workshops, conferences, coaching…

Our 3 challenges to respond to business transformation

Deploy your strategy effectively

  • Align the company what really matters
  • Generate a collective commitment, starting with the C level
  • Make each employee accountable
  • Shift from vision to execution

Transform ways of working and leadership

  • Implement agile and collaborative methods
  • Appropriate new work spaces
  • Define leadership frameworks
  • Accompany the leaders community
  • Shift the teams towards new ways of working

Implement agile and digital skills

  • Define the transformation roadmap
  • Raise awareness
  • Implement new tools
  • Certify skills
  • Coaching
  • Develop the digital culture
Ready to transform your business?

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